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Hair Regrowth Vitamins

Vitamins are essential to keep the body in shape and condition. There are vitamin supplements for every part of the body, including the mechanism that keeps skin and hair growing and the follicles active.

Hair regrowth vitamins are essential ingredients of many hair regrowth products. They are combined with other herbal and mineral extracts and supplements and are presented in various forms like pills, lotions, topical solutions and gels.

VitaHair, Shen Min, Nu Hair, Phyto, etc are but a few of the long list of hair regrowth products combining vitamins. One of the leading hair regrowth products with vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and DHT blockers is Procerin. It is an all natural formulation available in pill form as well as solution form.

It's effective combination of hair regrowth vitamins, blockers and other exclusive extracts enable it to not only inhibit 5 -Alpha Reductase production but also stimulate growth of hair and rejuvenation of follicles.

5-Alpha Reductase is responsible for reacting with testosterone and converting it into DHT Dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for balding and hair thinning.

Procerin is a potent mix of Saw Palmetto, Magnesium, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin B-6, Pyroxidine 5mg, CJ-11 Factor, CJ-9 Factor, and a proprietary blend of Gotu Kola, Nettles, Pumpkin seed meal, Siberian Ginseng, Yohimbe, Muira Puma Root, Uwa Ursi and other ingredients.

Hair regrowth vitamins and supplements are most effective in the age group of 18-35. It is these males who are afflicted with balding and slowing down of hair growth. Procerin improves the ability of the body to grow new hair at the same time inhibiting hair loss and hair fall with its right mix of hair regrowth vitamins and other supplements.

Procerin safe to use and is free of any side effects. It is a tried and tested product with a very good efficacy ratio and has excellent testimonials to its credit. It is a learned pick from among the host of hair regrowth products available off the shelf.

Procerin - the right vitamin for hair regrowth

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